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Whether you are planning to enjoy the abounding natural beauty, explore Canada like a local, or have fun in some of the coolest cities of the world, Canada has got it all and more. The vast country has 16 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and also is world-famous for its skiing. The comfort Canadian food, poutine, will melt your soul in the chilly winter. And the best part is the mixed culture and warm and open-minded people.

So, if you wish to take a break from this routine life, LatinOFare recommends you visit Canada and make the most of your holiday. Here are 10 tips for your first visit to Canada:

  1. Make peace with the distance: Canada is a vast country. So, you must understand that it is not possible to cover the whole of it in one short visit. You will need to travel for some hours to reach another city. Choose your cities wisely. Do include Alberta, British Colombia, and the Maritimes in your itinerary. It is best if your stick to a few specific regions, and explore these well rather than rush about.
  2. Prepare well for the weather: Canada is a cold country. Even during the summers, you would want a layer to protect yourself from the cold wind. So, when booking your plane tickets, remember to pack a lot of warm clothes.
  3. Choose an economical stay: Accommodation in Canada is expensive. However, some cities and tourist places also offer hostel rooms to stay in. And because staying in a hotel will consume a lot of your budget, it is best to opt for hostel rooms, or you could couchsurf and connect with a local to arrange your stay in their home.
  4. Do leave a tip: In Canada, it is expected of you to leave a tip for a service. Generally, 15% of the total bill is good, but in some cases, you might want to set aside 20% as the tip. Even if the service is bad, you would still need to tip at least 10% amount of the bill. 
  5. Rent a car: In Canada, the best medium to travel between cities is to rent a car. This is because the distance is huge, and there are no specific public transportation systems for this. However, for commuting within a city, like Toronto, Vancouver, etc. you could use a metro or a bus system.
  6. Know the Canadian slangs: Canadians use a lot of phrases, sayings, and slangs in their everyday communication. Most commonly, the people in Canada add an ‘eh’ at the end of a sentence. This brings an emphasis to the whole discussion, agreement, or question. A few other slangs you should know are clicks (kilometers), pop (soda or soft drink), etc.
  7. Get used to the small talks: Canadians like to talk, especially at the cash register or gas station. You will find yourself often having small talks with people around you. So, best get used to it. Also, Canadians love to say ‘sorry’ a lot.
  8. Summer is dreamy: Summer is the peak season in Canada. But it is also a time when you find high flight tickets and accommodation prices. Alternatively, you can choose to go here in the winters for a great skiing holiday. Or visit Canada during the fall to witness the falling of the trademark red leaves.
  9. Do try the food: Canada has a variety of mouth-watering food. Do try the poutine, beaver tails, Caesar cocktails, and of course, the craft beer!
  10. Cover these cities: Take note of these places and do visit them on your trip to Canada. Do include Vancouver, Toronto, Quebec City, Montreal, Whistler, Banff, Calgary, Vancouver Island, and Manitoba.

Take note of these tips and your Canadian holiday will be a great one. Book your flight tickets on LatinOFare now.

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