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For many air travelers and for many years, this question has remained one of the most debatable ones. Which is better, booking two one way tickets or booking round trip tickets? We all want to travel cheap and save up a few bucks while we purchase the flight tickets, book hotels and do other things related to the trip. While a luxurious and comfortable journey is all that we desire for, keeping it a little low on our pockets is also something that we consider very rightly.

Many travel blogs discuss many hacks and trips to avail a cheaper airfare for your travel. Giving tips and hacks, they narrate how a few simple and smart changes in the planning can help you to save a lot. Two one way tickets vs one round trip ticket have been a question unanswered for a long time. The reason being the different circumstances, many factors affect this decision.

Your trip, your itinerary, your further planning, budgets, commitments, and many other things influence our decision of booking a round trip ticket or two one-way tickets. If you have an uncertain itinerary and are not very certain about your returning date, then you have no other option than to book two one way tickets.

Or, if you’re planning to travel to different cities such as you land at one, travel to another and then return back home from another, the round trip ticket would not work for you! Similarly, there may be cases where the round trip ticket would seem to be the best one for your travel.

Many airlines host different discount schemes on the round trip ticket. Also, the miles program when you earn on every travel is also valid only on the round trip tickets on some airlines. There are many international airports that are bets when booking the two one way tickets. It all depends upon your quick and smart research and the frequent flyer programs that you are associated with.

Time is also an important factor when booking an air ticket. The flight charges keep decreasing and increasing based on the dates and so, by carefully analyzing the dates and the fare charges, you can save more on the two one way tickets.

By booking two one way tickets, you also get the option to travel from two different airports and two different airlines while also keeping your schedule more flexible. This also depends on whether you travel domestically or internationally. In most cases, two one way tickets are better in the domestic flight while on the international flights one round trip ticket is considered to be better.

While booking two different tickets for both the ways, you can also use two different mileage currencies. American mileage currencies are the one for an example. This is the benefit you can avail if you are associated with any loyalty program on any airlines.

It is always better to carry out thorough research and comparisons between the airfares before you book a ticket. By comparing the airfares, you’ll get to know which dates you get the cheaper flights, which airlines are best for offering the low-cost flights and which air ticket plan is best when you are traveling with the family, friends, or alone.

Airline sales are another that you need to pay close attention to. The reason we’re saying this is that the airline flight booking deals can run a little tricky sometimes. Pay close attention to the actual wordings of the deal. It may actually have a hidden discount for the round trip travelers or for the one-way tickets. To catch this, you need to be smart and quick.

There are some of the ways which you can save by booking the flight tickets with a little extra attention. We have listed below some of the airports in which booking two one way tickets can be very beneficial.  Booing tickets for Florence, Italy can also save at least 16 percent compared to booking a round-trip ticket. By booking the tickets for the  Frankfurt airport, Germany you can Save up to 15 percent on the two one way tickets as compared to booking a round-trip ticket similarly, booking tickets for the Bangkok, Thailand airport you can save up to 14 percent on the two one-way tickets. Alternatively, there is some domestic destination which is profitable when booking two-way tickets. You can use the flight compare portals available on the internet and use them to compare the flight charges for the round trip and the two-way tickets.

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