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Got dreams of holidaying in Europe but have been living on sandwiches to save money? Plan to visit New Zealand but your bank balance is barely enough to go to a coffee shop? Well, we all have been there. Let’s face it, as students we live on a specified budget, but of course our dreams know no limitations. We dream of travelling the world but one thing that restrains is the rocket-high flight tickets. But you got to worry no more because LatinOFare has got 5 top secrets to finding very cheap student flights.

Book through a student agency

There are plenty of student agencies that operate to help students get discount on food, movies, skiing, as well as travel. These agencies work directly with the airlines to get provide exclusive discounts for students, which can be as high as 30% off on flight tickets. Moreover, these agencies have also great contacts that can help you get great deals on hotels, tour packages, etc. Also, these student agencies have flight ticket sale during period of need – spring break, school reopening, studying aboard, etc.

Look early

One trick that always works for cheap flight tickets is to start scouting for airfare prices in advance of your travel dates. Even if you are not ready to book yet, keep researching to know when you hit a good flight deal. Also, it is advisable to start looking for your domestic student flight tickets at least 70-80 days in advance, while for international flight tickets start looking at least 60 days in advance.

Be Flexible

One rule to always live by is to be as flexible as possible when booking air flight tickets. Do not focus on an exact date, day or airport of flying. Instead be guided by airfare prices of air flights to select the cheapest day to fly, date to take the air flight on, as well as the airport to fly from. Choose to book air flights for Tuesday and Wednesday which are quieter and have cheaper airfare prices. Further, opt for red eye flights – early morning or late nights air flights have lowest airfare prices. If you more flexibility, you can even save money by choosing air flights that fly from alternatively cheaper airports than the popular ones. If possible, let airfare prices dictate the destination.

Book two one-way tickets than round trip tickets

One secret that could bring you cheap flight tickets is to book two single flight tickets instead of a round trip, especially if the cities for both are different. For multi-city flight tickets, single sided air plane tickets are cheaper than round trip tickets. Though this is not universal but is sure worth a try.

Watch for sales and use your special status

Go all the way out and follow the airline social media accounts, its newsletter as well as sign up for airfare price alerts so that you are amongst the first to know about any drop in airfare prices. These platforms are often used by airlines to declare sales on flight tickets. Also, remember to avail student discounts while booking air plane tickets. Most airlines provide certain discount, waiver or special privileges to student on their flight bookings, be sure to take full advantage of that to get cheap flight tickets.

Use these secrets to travel happily even on a limited budget. Dream about the world, be smart, and grab best flight deals to witness the magic.

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