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Not long ago, getting “surprised” flights upgrade wasn’t something rare. Regular flyers were even habitual of getting those surprised upgrades from economy class to business or first class. But due to some reasons, the unexpected upgrades are out of the window. Nowadays, you have to keep a hard truth in mind that getting flight upgrades is not easy anymore. You can say, in simple words, it has become extremely hard to get the “underserved” upgrades on flight tickets. It is a combination of a few things including your luck, airline policies, your personality, and of course your approach to get the upgrades. Here we are sharing some possibly successful tactics to get the best deals on a business class upgrade.

  • Seek help from your travel agent:

Travel agents do have strong relationships with various airlines. If you can convince your agent to talk to the concerned airline, you can have some chances of getting an upgrade to the business class. Your agent can talk to the airline if they have some vacant seats in the business class. Some travel agents are also very innovative; they add a few quotes to the reservation tickets that can enhance your chances of earning an upgrade. Getting help from your agent is one of the best ways to have some chances of upgrading. Always keep a healthy relationship with your agent so that he can do you some favor during the booking.

  • Keep checking the business-class sales:

It is another great way to have an upgrade to the business class. Most of the travelers are noticed to ignore the advertisement for business-class sales from airline companies. If you are one of them, stop doing it after reading this. Sparing some time to check out the advertisement is not a bad thing. Who knows, a couple of minutes of your attention may bag you an interesting deal on the business class upgrade? Sometimes, the business-class tickets are available at huge discounts, especially at the last minutes of scheduled departure time. If you go through something like that in future, don’t just let it go without giving a try.

  • If you have a title, use it for ticket booking:

Some airline experts and regular flyers suggest that people having some titles including the ministers, judges, and the doctors have great chances of getting a business class upgrade. If you have a title like that, you should use it like you always do.

  • Behave gently:

Your behavior is the reflection of your personality, and the same is with your approach to getting a business class upgrade. In addition to dressing up nicely, you have to behave gently if you want to enhance your chances of getting an upgrade. Put a gentle smile on your face and remind the airline representatives that you want an upgrade, but don’t disturb them again and again. It will give them the wrong impression, and any chance of getting an upgrade will go inside the trash bin.

Being honest is not bad at all, and talking honestly, having an upgrade to the business class is not easy at all. But if you can keep these points in mind, you can successfully try your luck in future.

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