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Thaipusam adorns the streets of Singapore in the holy ‘Thai’ of every year. The tremendous and colorful Hindu festival is observed by the Tamil-speaking community to honor Lord Murugan.

It is a two-day festival, which begins with the chariot procession of Lord Murugan from Sri Thendayuthapani Temple at Tank Road to Layan Sithi Vinayagar Temple at Keong Siak Road.

In the second half of the celebration, elaborate spiked Kavadis are carried by male devotees, which is a symbolism of their sacrifice. The traditions have transcended into many inter-racial families and are now celebrated across Asia, but nothing puts up the spectacle quite like the community of Singapore.

One is lucky to witness an occasion as remarkable as the observance of the Thaipusam festival. Here’s why you should plan your vacation around this celebration:

  • It is a cultural spectacle

 Thaipusam is one of Singapore’s unique religious festivals and holds its significance over millions of devotees who begin to prepare for their day one month prior to the actual celebration.  The devotees pay homage to Lord Murugan and by doing so, also bow down to the history that connects them all.   

  • It is a display of innate devotion 

The devotees, their family, friends, all take up their individual tasks and show their utmost dedication to the festival. The kavadis carry 100 kilos of weight on their pierced skin and accept the saint-like lifestyle for a month. They prepare themselves spiritually by following a strict vegetarian diet and practicing celibacy.

  • It is of tremendous significance to the Hindus of Singapore

 The devotees walk through a 14 km journey, barefoot, with needles pierced into their skin, and the name of their lord on their lips. It displays the significance that these two days bear onto the devotees. A cultural moment like this is an incredible thing to be a part of. The two-day festival is inspirational and pushes you to believe in something bigger than yourself. 

  • It is a great opportunity to try local eateries of Singapore

  Throughout the progression of the festival, the eateries open up and offer the best of Singapore’s vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisines. As the devotees climb the Batu Steps, the local markets glisten up with the most amazing offerings, of which, many are served as a ‘Prasad’. It is not just not the eateries. Thanks to the festival, the entire community comes together and offers an outstanding display of their richness, making it a eye-catching spectacle for thousands of tourists 

  • It presents the history and the future of the traditions in the most beautiful way

 Experiencing such an astounding celebration is incomparable, and must be on your bucket list. The festival encapsulates the emotions of devotees, as well as the beauty of community-driven projects. The two day stop at the Thaipusam allows you to step into the history of civilization and makes you understand the vitality of self-sustained traditions.

Come and enjoy the electrifying atmosphere and the never-seen-before charm of the Thaipusam festival.

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