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One of the most beautiful and stunning landscapes in the world are in Argentina. Dramatic glaciers, tango performances, extraordinary wine, culinary treats, and cities such as Buenos Aires – make Argentina one of the most desired vacation spots for tourists all over the world. However, just like any other country, traveling abroad can come with some nuisances which must be taken care of to avoid any hassles in a foreign land. Hence, here is LatinOFare’s list of Do’s and Don’ts on Argentina Tour.


Do’s on Argentina Tour

  • Argentineans are not very particular about time. Hence, do not be very punctual, instead, be moderately on time as being very punctual can be considered rude.
  • Argentineans are very particular about clothes. So, make it point to dress well.
  • Upon receiving a gift, you must open it right away and express gratitude to the giver.
  • Bring a non-personalized gift for the host of the party you attend in Argentina.
  • Inter-personal relationships even during business meetings and in business settings are considered valuable in Argentina. Thus, always start a casual conversation with a business person before actually getting on to business.
  • Politics and religion are quite sensitive subjects in Argentina. Hence, it is best to keep these two subjects out of a conversation with Argentineans.
  • Post a meal at any restaurant, leave a tip of at least 10% of the bill amount. However, also remember to tip the porter separately for one peso per bag.
  • Dinner time in Argentina is mostly between 9 pm and 10 pm, so plan everything accordingly.
  • Nodding and shaking hands are considered good and warm gestures upon meeting an Argentinean for the first time.
  • Argentineans are warm and friendly people and show affection openly. It is very common for friends to kiss each other on the cheek in Argentina.


Dont’s on Argentina Tour

  • Avoid using thumbs up or an OK sign as these two signs are not received well in Argentina.
  • It is not permitted to eat any kind of food on the street or on public transportation.
  • People in Argentina often make fun of each other’s appearance, as well as call each other by nicknames based on appearances. Hence, be prepared for something like this if it happens to you. Do not react overtly or rudely. Let it pass.
  • Argentineans do not welcome comparisons with the United States or Brazil, so strictly avoid making any.
  • You should tip a cab driver only if they assist you with your bag or provide any additional service.
  • People in Argentina are very warm and do not follow the concept of personal space too rigidly. Hence, it is rude to back off from someone when it is getting touchy-feely.
  • Yawning with an open mouth and most of all yawning, on the whole, is considered inappropriate and rude in Argentina
  • Wine pouring is strictly for self. No one pours wine for the other in Argentina
  • While drinking the traditional tea of Argentina – Mate – do not stir the tea or say ‘Thank you’ because that implies you having finished the drink.
  • Open and loud conversations about soccer should not be made or engaged in. It is a sensitive subject and can raise the heat level.


If getting plane tickets for Argentina has been on your mind, then make those flight bookings but remember these do’s and dont’s before taking off for the holiday. When in Argentina, do as Argentineans do!

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