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While you might just think about Machu Pichu and the Amazon Rainforests when you hear about South America but there is more to it than just that. South America is home to some unique and flavorful cuisines that do one-hundred-percent justice to your taste buds. You will be enticed to visit South America, so start browsing those cheap fares on LatinOFare and follow these easy food tips.

Be prepared for a formal dining 

Though food rules vary across the different countries of South America; yet most countries follow some basic things. The South Americans eat their food in continental style – with the fork in the left and knife in the right hand. Also, before starting to eat their meals, South Americans like to raise a collective toast to everyone’s good health. Moreover, in countries such as Argentina and Bolivia, it is preferred that wine is poured from the right hand, while the bottle is to be held from the middle or near the top. This is considered a mark of respect for the dining companion.

Ease on punctuality

South Americans are a bit easy when it comes to following time. So, when eating out with a South American, be prepared for him/her to reach at least 15-30 minutes than the scheduled time. Also, you’ll have to be a little patient with the servers for they would also take their time to take your orders, bring food, and present the bill. They would be waiting for you to ask for the bill first, unlike America where the servers are quick and present the bill as soon as they think you’ve finished your meal. In South America, that is considered rude.

Bring a gift

If you’ve been invited for dinner at someone’s house, remember to take along a small token of love – in the form of a gift. You could take some chocolates, wine, flowers, etc. Or you can also bring along a token of love from your home country.

Different meal patterns

South Americans eat three meals and one-two snacks daily. In most of the countries of South America, people eat light breakfast – tea or coffee, fruit juice, bread with butter – and eat a heavy lunch followed by a small nap. The lunch includes meat, rice, beans, greens, etc. Post that dinner is another heavy meal but is served late (around 9:00 pm) and continues for hours, followed by simple desserts. Between lunch and dinner, there can be a round of one or two snacks.

Drowning in coffee and tea

South American countries are the major producer of coffee worldwide; hence, coffee is the main beverage in most of the South American countries. Additionally, herbal teas and other medical teas such as Yerba maté are consumed heavily in South America.

These few, easy food tips will help you blend in and accumulate to the dining style in South America. So, book your flight tickets on LatinOFare and be ready to rejoice in some of the most delicious dishes in the world. But do not forget to insure your trip through LatinOFare’s travel protection program that offers coverage for trip cancellation, trip interruption, trip delays, baggage delays, emergency medical expenses, etc. You should additionally opt for the travel assistance program that will provide you a host of post-ticketing benefits. Happy feasting!

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