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Had to take an emergency leave? Made last minute holiday plans? Got your leave sanctioned last minute? Or gambled your chance to find cheap airfare last minute? Then this is exactly what you should be reading. We have some tried and tested ways to find the last minute flight. With so many people seeking last minute flight deals, the tips below will help you jump the queue and save money.

Use the best flight finder

Using a competitive flight finder such as LatinOFare is crucial to ensure you find the best last minute flights. Booking throughaggressive flight finder such as LatinOFare gets you cheaper prices than booking through an agent, the airline or an average flight finder.

 Be flexible – Choose undesirable times and airports

Given that last minute bookings have no/low flexibility in dates, the golden rule is to be flexible about flight time and airport you are flying from. Search for flights during undesirable days and time. Consider booking flights on Tuesday or Wednesday, which are comparatively quieter than Fridays, Saturdays, and Mondays when airfares are high. Choose to fly out on the day of the holiday, when most people have already left. Prepare for red-eye flights, that have fewer people competing over the seats since they are night or early morning flights. Check LatinOFare for alternate flight timings and airports. Consider the distance to the airport, and the to-fro transportation as well.

Consider a layover

Flying directly for alast minute booking may not be the best idea.A direct flight is any day more expensive than a connecting flight. Choose a layover flight if there is no rush. Check LatinOFare for best connecting flights to your destination.

Use your special status to find discounts

Some websites such as LatinOFare offer discounts and special deals for students, military personnel, teachers, elderly, etc. If you are searching for last minute flights, it is always good to bank upon your special status, if any.

Sign up for price alerts

Sign up for price alerts on LatinOFare and be the first to know about dropping airfares and any last minute flight deals.

Sign up for airlines newsletter

Sign up for budget airlines’ newsletters to keep a close eye on airfares and grab any last minute flight deals/sales.

Follow airlines’ social media accounts

Your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter account could help you save big on those last minute flight bookings, if you follow the airlines’ social media accounts that have schemes, promotions, and discounts running time to time.

Bag any cancellation holidays

Some holiday package companies offer last minute trips on huge discounts considering low bookings or cancellations because customers cannot travel.

Redeem your loyalty points

The best use of the loyalty points is now, when you are booking last minute flights. Use your frequent flyer miles to reduce the fares of the flight you want to book. The key to find the last minute flight is to constantly stay vigilant and be informed by keeping a close eye on airfares.

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