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No matter what our travel budgets are, we all want to save money on flight tickets. And why not? Every penny saved here can be drooled on better things during the holiday. But the most important thing is to know how to grab those cheap flight tickets and trust LatinOFare to give you the exact guidance. We know exactly the best time to buy cheap flights online easily and want you to know it so that you get cheap planet tickets and make the most of your holiday.

Advance planning, vigilance, and research go a long way to help you grab those cheap flight deals. The more planned and right timed your bookings are, the higher you save. As per our research, we recommend you to book an airplane flight during a certain period when you have highest chances of getting best flight deals though you need to monitor air flight prices to ensure you have the cheap flight tickets.

If you are planning to have a vacation within the U.S, you should start monitoring airfares 70-80 days in advance of your travel dates and pounce on an attractive flight price as it strikes. However, for international air tickets, one should closely analyze flight prices beginning 60 days from the date of the trip and immediately grab the best flight deal. This period of monitoring of prices is ideal for booking cheap flight tickets and hence, is called the “Prime Window”.

Most airlines offer cheap airfare to price conscious travelers who happen to be book in advance. Full fare seats are reserved for travelers who book last minute and hence, the prices are lower when booked in advance than booked near the date of departure. Additionally, please ensure even in the prime window slot, you avoid booking a flight on weekends. Be aware of any special events that bring along discount offers such as Black Friday flight deals, you can capture a good price at that time. Also, if you are flexible with your dates, you should avoid taking getting airplane tickets for Monday or Thursday, in fact opt for the one on Tuesday or Wednesday as the fares would be lower. You could also check for airplane flights that are available during ‘dead hours’ such as early morning and late night flights. They could help you save you a lot of money!

That said, one thing you must ensure while booking your airplane flights is to search for flight prices on a competitive flight finder such as LatinOFare. You can also evaluate your options for a layover flight or an alternative airport which may help you grab lowest airfares.

Additionally, sign up for price alerts on email, that will help you notify when the fares fall. Be informative and register for the airlines newsletter and social media accounts. Overall, booking in advance has always proven beneficial for travelers who are looking for cheap flight prices and hence, be more alert as you definitely do not want the cheap airfare to slide you by.



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