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Are you trying to book a flight but the prices are off the chart? Well, you don’t have to worry anymore. Did you know? There are hacks that help you book cost-effective flights. Yes, we aren’t joking. And, the good news is we are here to share the hacks with you today. So read on to know how you can book a cheap flight.

Keep your search history private 

Have you ever tried to check flight prices and not ready to book yet, but when you go back again to check the prices, they have become higher than before. While you are waiting for that one cheap flight to pop up, you just keep seeing the prices go up. Why? Because based on the cookies in your browser, when you search the same flight route, again and again, the site tries to scare you into buying the tickets by enhancing the price. What can you do? It’s quite simple. Make use of the private browsing mode. This way, the airline will not be able to track your searches and the prices will stay the same.

Group booking

Okay, so this trick is pretty simple. If you are booking for multiple travelers, what do you usually do? You enter the number of travelers as a whole. Now, calculate and note the cost per ticket. Next, check the fare individually. It sometimes so happens that when you book the tickets individually, the prices might be slightly cheaper.

One-way ticket 

Booking a round-trip is not always the wisest option. In fact, booking a one-way trip is sometimes cost-effective. Therefore, even if it is a round-trip, check the one-way prices first and then move ahead with your booking.

Book your tickets earlier 

Did you know? According to a study conducted by, a domestic flight within the US is cheaper when you book your tickets 54 days prior. If exactly 54 days isn’t possible, then booking your tickets anywhere between three weeks to three and a half months before offers you better prices.

Sundays are expensive 

The day of the week matters. According to a study, Tuesday and Wednesday offer the cheapest fare while Sunday remains the most expensive day to fly.

Last-minute bookings 

You probably already know this, but last-minute bookings are always expensive. And, what constitutes a last-minute booking? Anything less than three weeks will cost a lot. Therefore, always try to book your tickets as early as possible.

The last thing that you want is to face during this time is to deal with unexpected interruptions. Add travel protection for 24/7 travel assistance services while booking your airfare. It will also cover protection from trip delays, trip interruptions, trip cancellations, baggage delays, emergency medical expenses, and emergency evacuation.

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