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“Traveling—it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” ― Ibn Battuta

When it comes to traveling, there is no age limit. In fact, as you mature, you develop a new sense of appreciation that wasn’t there before. However, that being said, when you are older there are few factors you must take into consideration rather than spontaneously planning a trip. From ensuring safety to taking note of all your physical limitations, preparation becomes essential. Fortunately, these travel tips for seniors can help you take that dream tour of yours and stay safe while you are traveling.

Plan it wisely

You know yourself better than anyone else. Therefore, plan a trip that is perfect for you. Even if you are taking the help of a travel agent, you can always let them know exactly what you need and they will get it done.

Book a convenient flight

If you are someone who cannot sit for long or are suffering from a medical condition, the best idea is to opt for flights with multiple stops as it helps you relax in between your journey. And, while you wait for your connecting flight, you can take advantage of the airport lounges or even hotel rooms that are available close by to take a breather.

But this rule doesn’t apply to everyone. If you feel that a non-stop flight is a better way to travel, then avoid connecting flights. However, take all the hours, even minutes into consideration before making a decision. For instance, if reaching the airport takes an hour approximately, then take even that factor into account before making a decision.

Senior discounts

Today, there are a few airlines who claim to offer senior discounts. The age of Seniors, in this case, is considered 65 years or more. Hence, do your research and make sure you are actually getting the discount and it’s not simply a way to lure customers. It sometimes happens that these so-called discounts end up being phony and you actually pay the same price as the rest.

Seating arrangements

Sometimes you just want to travel in peace and don’t want anyone else taking up space beside you. If that’s the case and you are okay with spending a little more, then you can book two tickets in your name. This tip is also useful when airlines have extremely small seats which can make your journey quite uncomfortable. Therefore, having two seats can ensure a pleasant journey.

Assistance with disability

Another very important step is choosing the right disability options while booking your tickets. For example, some airlines will let you choose the options at the time of the booking while for others; you will have to contact the airline personally in order to request suitable options. So, don’t neglect this step.

Travel at the right time

For some seniors, traveling early in the day or late at night can prove exhausting. Therefore, if you feel the same way, you can always opt for mid-morning or afternoon flights.


Always carry your medicines with you and not the checked baggage. In fact, you can keep them in your purse, satchel or a small pouch and keep it under the seat in front. This way, you will not have to rely on anyone to help keep or remove your bags from the overhead bin.

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