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The sun is shining. The weather is sweet. Bob Marley wrote that in his song. Probably, he was visiting Hawaii. Millions of people visit Hawaii each ear for its non-stop sunshine, exotic beaches and its dreamy vibe. To put it in one word, it’s paradise. Sadly, some people think they have the license to do anything in paradise, which more often than comes back to hurt them. Here are the Dos and don’ts for your trip to Hawaii.


Prioritize your plans

Weather can change in Hawaii quickly so plan you itinerary well and catch all the major attractions first.

Whale watching anyone?

Whales are one of the most fascinating marine species on planet earth. Hawaii offers you a unique first-hand opportunity to look at these wondrous, gigantic creatures. Lahaina in Maui is a great spot to start your adventure.

Always accept a Lei or the flower garland

Flower garland is a mark of respect and honor for the people who come to visit Hawaii. Therefore, never remove one of these when you are garlanded with one. Accept it with gratitude and a smile. That’s the spirit of Hawaii.

Trek it out

For those who love hiking and trekking, Hawaii is an absolute heaven. It has a wide variety of flora and fauna to take your breath away.


Watch the current

The currents at Hawaii are strong and can change in no time. So, until you don’t have proper info, experience or supervision refrain going into the rough sea or you’ll be all at sea, quite literally.

Let the locals speak the local dialect

Ok, so you want to mix and blend into the local culture and speak the local language. Caution, in Hawaii, this might not go down too well the locals. Unless you are fluent, don’t speak the Hawaiian Creole because the locals might find you mocking their language. Second, you might come across as a fake.

Don’t forget to say thank you or Mahalo

The people of Hawaii are warm by nature and would wave or smile at you when you pass by. Don’t consider it rude. You should thank them by saying Mahalo or wave back. Plus, a thank you harmed no one, right?

Keep the shoes out

The people of Hawaii consider their home as a temple therefore, please remove your shoes before walking into anyone’s home in Hawaii.

Don’t take rocks with you 

Volcanic rocks are all over the lands of Hawaii and many tourists think, these are freebies or memorabilia from their trip. But hold, your horses. Legend has it that if you pick up these volcanic rocks, they might bring bad luck. So, think twice before picking these next time.

Ready for a trip to Hawaii with the Aloha apparels?

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