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When it comes to naming the spookiest city in the world – Edinburgh definitely tops the list. Not only does the city have has freaking architecture but also associated spooky history that will give you chills and Goosebumps. So, no matter you are touring the city for frights or looking to dwell into the history of why is it weird in Edinburgh – you will realize the city is haunted. If that gives you a wish to visit Edinburgh, then you must check these ghost tours in Edinburgh that will have to make you lose your sleep and have the lights on all night in fear of the unknown.


City of the Dead

The city of the Dead is one of the finest ghost tours to take when in Edinburgh. The tour comprises three frightening tours – The Underground Tour takes you through the ancient underground city of Edinburgh, exploring the dark tunnels, which are said to be haunted by a presence called the South Bridge entity. These tunnels used to be a horrible living place back in the days, where many people died of plague, poverty, and dirt. This tour also leads you to Covenanter’s Prison and the Black Mausoleum, which is said to be haunted by Mackenzie Poltergeist and has very weird stories associated with it. The last part of the tour is headed to the Double Dead Walk which involves South Bridge Vaults and Covenanter’s Prison in Greyfriars Kirkyard. All tours are explained by the guides dressed as per the theme, making you feel spookier by telling the tales in a theatrical manner.


Ghost Bus Tour

This bus tour on the vintage Routemaster Bus will take you through all the historical places of Edinburgh including Edinburgh Castle, the New Town, Old Town, Holyrood Palace, and the Royal Mile. Onward the journey, you will be told about the history of these places, some of these will be hair-raising and will have you feeling creepy with fear. Moreover, you will be introduced to the tales of the witch hunt of the 16th and 17th century, and the massive dark stories plaguing the Scottish land. More so, the bus you’d be traveling by was most likely used for funerals back in the days, which adds just the required edge to the whole setting.


Real Mary King’s Close

The underground warrens of the Edinburgh Royal Mile are one the most haunted tours of the city that tell the tales of the past through a spooky character who claims to be the resident of the onetime vibrant streets, now turned to massive underground warrens. These streets were home to many during the 17 and the 19 century and witnessed some of the most horrific incidents of the city. The streets are also thought to be the abode of Annie – a lonely young girl who lost her parents to the plague.


Auld Reekie Tours

Auld Reekie or old smokie is what Edinburgh was called in its earlier days due to the smoke from the coal mines spooking the entire air. While the coal mines are long gone, the spookiness in the air remains giving you an eerie feeling of something that exists beyond the eyes. The Auld Reekie tours take you through the life and homes of the once underprivileged, homeless who were forced to live in the underground streets and tunnels due to lack of homes. The quality of life they led, the creepy sounds of the water dripping in these tunnels, the stories of these places that were once inhabited will give you chills in your spine.

If you are up for the thrill and this is the kind of adventure you have been waiting for, then get ready to be frightened to the core because spookiness doesn’t get better than Edinburgh.

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